Nicola Carey was locked in toilet ahead of ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 warm-up match

Nicola Carey. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Australia women’s cricketer Nicola Carey suffered an unfortunate mishap ahead of her side’s World Cup warm-up match against the West Indies when she got locked in a toilet for 20 minutes.

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Australia are the favourites to win the tournament and they began their preparation with a comfortable 90-run win over the West Indies.

Carey made five not out with the bat as Australia reached a total of 259-7 and then posted figures of 0-19 with the ball as the West Indies only managed 169-9 in response.

However, her own preparation for the game did not get off to a great start when she was forced to miss the team’s warm-up.

In a video posted on social media by Cricket Australia, Carey explained: “I got to the ground and needed to use the facilities, so I took myself to the toilet, locked the door, and couldn’t get out.

“It was jammed and I had to get [the team manager] Mills to round up some people to unlock the door and in the process she handed me a butter knife.

“It didn’t work and in the meantime people were just laughing at me every time they figured out who was in the toilet cubicle. No one cared, no one was concerned for my wellbeing!

“Mills got to the bottom of it and someone had a master key and I got out in the end 20 minutes later.”


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