IPL 2022: Rohit Sharma fined INR 24 lakh for slow over-rate

Rohit Sharma
Photo Credit: IPL/BCCI

The Mumbai Indians have been fined after they maintained a slow over-rate during their TATA Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 match against Punjab Kings at the MCA Stadium, Pune on April 13.

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This was the team’s second offence of the season under the IPL’s Code of Conduct relating to minimum over-rate offences. Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma was fined Rs 24 lakhs and the rest of the members in the playing eleven were fined Rs 6 lakhs or 25 percent of their match fee, whichever is lower.

Mayank Agarwal | Winning captain and Player of the Match: It was a good night, very happy to contribute to the team’s win. The crucial thing for us was the two points. We can’t just say it was runs on the board, this game had a lot of ups and downs. There were a lot of crucial moments and more often than not, we were nailing and winning those moments. When the game was 50-50, we won those moments and it came towards us.

It wasn’t batting alone, it was periods in the game. That’s the brand of cricket we want to play, we want to play aggressive, hard cricket. With that, we got to show good mindset. We were a lot smarter as well.

In the last game against Gujarat, we gave wickets to Rashid when it wasn’t required. This time we were a lot more aware, we were a lot more careful and made sure that we don’t try and give wickets to their main bowlers. We’ve spoken about in the team – ‘If it’s your day, you got to take the team through.’ It can get hard, credit to Brevis the way he took on Rahul.

Great comeback from Rahul as well after that over. The other three overs he bowled were tight. When Tilak and Brevis were going, we had to change our strategy, get in the main bowlers and try and get a wicket. Luckily it happened through run-outs and also our main bowlers taking wickets. We don’t rely just on Rabada (for wickets). He leads the attack, but we have two other guys to do that.

It’s nice, very happy to have three wins. We are playing good cricket overall. If we continue to do that, if we improve 5-10% every game, we’ll go on to do special things.

Odean Smith: I was just thinking it was such a coincidence, I was in the same situation (against Gujarat Titans). But I just backed myself tonight. I thought it would be hard for him (Unadkat) if he goes straight down the ground or on the leg-side.

Rohit Sharma | Losing captain – It’s hardly anything to find out (any negatives), thought we played well, came pretty close to closing the game, a couple of run-outs didn’t help our cause.

At one time, we were cruising along, but didn’t hold our nerves, credit to PBKS for bowling well in the second half. We’re trying to play with a different thought process, but it’s not working out well. But I don’t want to take the credit out of the guys who played well and Punjab did so today.

We aren’t playing good cricket, we need to understand some situations and execute according to it. They got off to a flier, put our bowlers was under pressure, but the pitch was good to bat on and I thought 198 was chaseable. As I said earlier, we need to go back to the drawing room and come back better prepared.


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