Cricket Scotland Board steps down day before publication of racism

Cricket Scotland Board
Cricket Scotland Board steps down day before publication of racism. Photo Credit: Google Images.

The entire board of Cricket Scotland resigned one day before the publication of a report on racism in the game.

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According to the BBC, the report of the investigation into “institutional racism” in Scottish cricket is expected to be released on Monday.

Sunday morning saw the directors’ resignation with immediate effect.

“We are all truly sorry and have apologised publicly to everyone who has experienced racism, or any other form of discrimination, in cricket in Scotland,” they said.

In a letter sent to the interim chief executive of the governing body, the members said they had not seen the contents of the report.

However, the document made them aware of “proposed timescales and certain mandated actions.”

SportScotland, a financing organisation, requested the racism probe last year, and it is scheduled to be released on Monday.

It was in response to claims of racism and prejudice, including some made by Majid Haq, the player with the most career wickets.

He played more than 200 times for Scotland, but after being knocked out of the 2015 World Cup, he stopped playing. He alluded to being victimised based on race at the time.

“Cricket Scotland will work in partnership with SportScotland with immediate effect to ensure appropriate governance, leadership, and support is in place for the organisation and the sport in the days ahead,” the governing body said in a statement after the board’s resignation.

“And these arrangements will be reviewed after the publication of the report into racism in cricket in Scotland and updates given accordingly.”


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