Australian cricket journalist survives horrific car crash in Pakistan

Australian cricket journalist survives horrific car crash in Pakistan
Photo Credit: Twitter.

Australian cricket commentator Adam Collins is home and safe following a frightening car crash in Pakistan.

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Collins was in Pakistan covering the Test series against Australia for SEN, with the crash occurring as he was headed to Lahore airport to depart the country.

According to The Australian, Collins was being driven through Lahore after midnight when his vehicle collided with a stationary truck.

The impact sent the truck and car sliding down the road as the crash occurred at 100 kph.

Collins came out of the crash with bruising to his chest and abdomen, while the driver suffered significant injuries after he was pinned in the wreckage.

The driver underwent six hours of surgery but according to a Tweet by Collins, is now in a “stable” condition.

Collins told The Australian that he believes wearing a seatbelt could’ve saved his life.

“The only reason I’m still in one piece after hitting the truck at the speed we did is because I had my seatbelt on,” he said.

“It’s a miracle Rehman survived but I’m devastated that he’s sustained serious injuries. Of course, I hope with all my heart that he pulls through to make a full recovery.

“Watching so many people come together to free him from the wreckage reflects the community spirit we saw everywhere in our month touring Pakistan. Horrible as the accident was, I still can’t wait to return to this wonderful country.”

Collins is now reunited with his family in London, the driver is now expected to spend a month in hospital as part of his recovery.


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